Ballycotton verführen in eine Traumwelt jenseits vom Ende der Zeit

Erfrischend wie der Quell aus rauem Fels und flammend wie ein Freudenfeuer umgarnen einander Violine, Gitarren, Akkordeon, Bass und Perkussion in virtuosem Wirbelwind.
Dabei verblassen musikalische Grenzen und ein zeitloses Ganzes entsteht.

Ballycotton erschließen unberührte Gestade,
wo ihre Kunst die Herzen berührt und zum Tanze lädt.

  • "This sort of "new folk" is the product of an excellent band whose members surely know how to compose, arrange and play first quality music."
    (country club productions pty ltd, Australia)
  • "Stepping out into a contemporary world with roots based on a history along with the desire of continuing the traditions of our forefathers, Ballcotton's music is the perfect soundtrack for our times." (Sonicpages, Austria)

  • "Stimulating and enjoyable world-folk-fusion doesn´t come much better than this."
    (Stirrings Magazine, UK)
  • "You want to stay with these ordinary people who know how to be friends and really support each other. Suddenly you realize that you came home and you don´t want to leave it anymore.
    (Serge Kozlovsky, Republic of Belarus)
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